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Re:Wined Design is a family maker business. We love making things, particularly repurposing still-worthy items into something both artful and useful. Creating such products, often wine-related, is good for us, good for you, and good for the planet. We call it a win-win-wow. Or a wine-wine-whoa...


We officially started business in 2017 with a mission to upcycle corks and wine bottles into a variety of delightful products for wine lovers in particular, but really for anyone who appreciates hand-crafted thoughtful items. It all started with the desire to repurpose a large box of wine corks. Keychains, ornaments, and casual jewelry were created and given as gifts. Then people wanted to buy them for their friends. I started making candles with a wide variety of wine, liquor, and champagne bottles. I gave these to friends and family, but most folks didn't realize the gifts were handmade. No ma'am, these were definitely not from a factory. Once they found out, I was encouraged to sell them.


So here we are, making our little hearts away. These days we source wine bottles and corks from a few local restaurants and wine bars in the beautiful town of Los Gatos. The process we follow for each wine bottle is multi-stepped starting with the removal of labels, cutting, sanding, and then thoroughly cleaning. We use pure soy wax infused with essential oil fragrances in our candles. The soy wax we use is all natural and made from soybeans grown in the USA. We hand pour each candle in small batches ensuring a high quality product. 


We've since branched out with other products, like table-top and hanging hurricane lamps, self watering planters, and electric fairy lamps. We have more ideas and products in the works! Be sure to subscribe to keep up on what it going on and where we'll be.


Re:Wined Design... Saving our Earth one repurposed bottle at a time!

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